About Lucy

Are you worried about how your dog is handled during their groom?

Do you worry that they will be anxious about you leaving them somewhere new?

With my in-home, mobile grooming service and gentle approach to grooming you can rest assured your dog will be in safe hands with a professional and qualified groomer.

Having successfully run my pet sitting business ‘Little Critter Care’ since 2016 in Sevenoaks, Kent, I often worked with anxious dogs and loved seeing them grow with confidence. For 6 years I spent term-time teaching art to secondary school children, and my holidays with dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and more!

I finally took the plunge and combined my love for art and animals together and learnt to fine tune my artistic skills with scissors and my patience with caring for dogs.

I always strive for beautiful grooms whilst most importantly making sure your dogs can grow in confidence with their regular pamper routine.

How does a mobile, in-home groom work?

I come to you and set up a grooming experience in your home, where your dog feels most relaxed – no van or trailer that gets hot or needs to be hooked up to your power.
All you need is a small space for me to use near a plug socket (usually this is in a kitchen or utility area), and a bath or shower. I bring my cordless clippers and only need power for the dryer, and water for my minimal-water-use bathing method. On average this will cost you less than 99p in electricity and water – that’s probably cheaper than your petrol and time for you to get to the groomers and back!

Is it messy?

Since doodles don’t shed much, if anything, this makes keeping the process clean and tidy much easier. They’re bathed and dried before the haircut (so, no hair blowing around) and during the styling process the hair drops straight down and I simply sweep up at the end as I clean and disinfect my tools. 

What should you do during the groom?

You are more than welcome to watch any part of the groom; owners sometimes sit in the same room or pop in and out.
I usually find dogs are relaxed in their own home and don’t become distracted if owners are constantly around, but if the dog becomes fidgety, I may kindly ask the owner to stay either in the same room or in another room – if this is the case please don’t worry, it is simply to make the groom safer while I use sharp tools.
Little Critter Lucy

Also known as ‘Little Critter Lucy’

Growing up with rabbits I’ve always been fond of little critters and learnt quickly to be gentle with the more timid of our beloved pets.

I think I’m drawn to helping more anxious and timid pets, and that’s probably why I’ve particularly enjoyed the part of grooming where I get to encourage, train, and gain trust from puppies and anxious dogs.

But the little critters that have a special place in my heart are guinea pigs!

I’ve even written a book all about guinea pig care that can be bought on Amazon and Kindle.



Lucy is the author of ‘The Happy, Healthy Guinea Pig Guidebook: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide for a No Mess, Zero Stress Guinea Pig Owning Experience’, currently available on Amazon and Kindle. 

To grab your copy, click the button below.


Meet Luna and Nugget

I currently have 2 guinea pigs, Luna and Nugget who have a have a room to themselves in my home. Luna is a Pets at Home adoption, up for sale too long in the shop and in need of a forever home, and Nugget is adopted from a rescue – we don’t know much about his background but he is very shy!

I often get asked if I have a dog, and I would love a dog but I’m always super busy, and Luna and Nugget don’t mind if I’m out all day (I think Nugget enjoys not being disturbed, too) so guinea pigs have been the perfect pets for me. No dog… yet. The piggies squeak when I get home and enjoy being stroked, but they don’t mind when I’m busy grooming for the day. I can’t say the vet bills are much cheaper than for dogs though unfortunately!