Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning

Has your dog got bad breath?


Are you worried about expensive tooth extractions?

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By 3 years old, 80% of dogs have some level of dental disease!

In addition to the risk of losing teeth, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and lead to cardiac, kidney or liver disease. Keeping their teeth clean can extend their lives by three to five years.

Regular cleaning is the most effective way to prevent dental disease from forming. Prevention is always better than cure and vets recommend brushing your dogs’ teeth at least every other day since tartar can form within just 2 days.

Daily brushing is not an easy job for most dog owners, but with the Cleany Teeth Ultrasound Service, I can get your dog’s smile sparkling again and help maintain their dental health.

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How does it work?

Using a Cleany Teeth ultrasound toothbrush with a specially formulated toothpaste, the soft bristles are held against the teeth & gums allowing the teeth to be cleaned gently without irritation, vibration & noise. The ultrasound reaches right under the gum line to kill bacteria & cleans the gums to prevent the buildup of plaque & tartar. It also increases the blood flow to the gums to help heal wounds & stop bleeding.

Ultrasound cleans more effectively than regular brushing as it destroys bacteria even below the gum line.

  • Freshens Breath and Kills Bacteria

  • Teeth cleaning without anaesthetic risk

  • Performs better than manual/electric brushes

  • No scrubbing

  • Whiter teeth

  • Carried out by your pet professional in the comfort of your home

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How long do sessions last?

Sessions last between 10-30 minutes depending on the condition of your dog’s teeth.

10-20 minute sessions are ideal for puppies, dogs who have good oral health, or have already undergone a deep clean.

30 minute sessions are designed for dogs needing a deep clean, and typically can take 3-5 30 minute sessions to get back to healthy teeth and gums, before being ready to then move on to a shorter session each groom to maintain this.

Ultrasound treatment is not a veterinary procedure & Dinky Doodles Professional Styling cannot diagnose any problems with your dog’s mouth. It is a service designed to help maintain healthy teeth & gums and does not preclude the need for regular veterinary check ups.

This is not a ‘descale & polish’ which is a dental procedure carried out by a Veterinarian under anesthetic.